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In the second stage of the Lake Hill Resort & Spa Hotel, which opened in march 2019, we offer 86 unique mountain style apartments located in the very centre of the Karkonosze Mountains, 8 km from Karpacz.
Most apartment will offer a beautiful panoramic view of the peaks of the Karkonosze Mountains – from Śnieżka to Szrenica – and the picturesque Sosnówka Lake.
The apartments will be located in two buildings:

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years of tradition


rate of return

10 years

contract with the operator

Business model

What does it consist of?

Lake Hill 2 presents you with the perfect way to invest your capital. Purchase of an apartment in the condo system allows you to enjoy monthly rent paid by the operator at a constant rate indexed for inflation every year. At the same time you have the opportunity to relax in the hotel at your convenience. Upon your purchase you become a full owner of the property (apparment, common areas and land). The experienced operator assumes all responsibilities related to the management and lease of the premises and is fully responsible for the operating costs. The contract is signed for 10 years with the option of extension.

Just all you need is:



  • You are buying an apartment at Lake Hill Resort & Spa,
  • You sign a contract for 10 years with the operator with the possibility of extension for another 10 years,
  • You have 8% guaranteed profit per year, paid out monthly throughout the duration of the contract, annually indexed for inflation

You rent

  • The apartment is managed by an experienced operator,
  • You take advantage of ownership for 15 days a year

You gain

  • A fully equipped apartment with its own land and mortgage register,
  • Monthly rent for the apartment,



The unique location of the hotel gives you the opportunity to both - relax from the daily hustle and bustle of a city as well as enjoy the rich tourist attractions of the region. For winter sports enthusiasts there are many ski lifts in a close proximity to the investment, hiking enthusiasts will appreciate the wide-choice of trails and the surrounding natural beauty. Thermal pools and bike trails are just some of the attractions the region can offer. The extensive infrastructure of Lake Hill Resort & SPA and Lake Hill Aparatments hotels will surely meet the expectations of the most demanding individual guests as well as business clients.

Street Tyrolska 2G

58-564 Sosnówka, Poland

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